SysLoop – new water source heat pumps

Date: 19 May 2019
SysLoop – new water source heat pumps

SysLoop is perfect for large shopping centers, hotels or offices where climate conditions change during the day and different zones of a building need a specific climate.

Compact (only 250 mm) and reliable SysLoop perfectly fits the false ceiling or can be installed in the technical rooms.

It provides high performance (COP up to 5.7 and EER up to 5.05) with high energy efficiency and low sound level.

Product advantages:

  • Low sound level
  • High EER & COP (BREEAM compliant)
  • Low height for easy integration – only 250 mm
  • Increased robustness (coaxial heat exchanger)
  • Many aeraulic & hydraulic configurations
  • Easy access to the internal componants

The range at a glance:

  • Available in 3 sizes : SL15, SL20, SL30
  • Cooling only (CO) or Heat pump (HP) versions
  • Cooling capacity from 1,5 to 2,9 kW
  • Heating capacity from 1,9 to 3,7 kW
  • Nominal air flow from 435 to 525 m3 /h
  • Equipped with EC fan
  • Refrigerant R410A

Additional options and different configurations are available in order to meet all your project specifications.

Find out more on our website about: R410A

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