Systemair present Geniox Core

Date: 21 April 2020
Systemair present Geniox Core
Systemair present a brand new member of the Geniox air handling unit family - Geniox Core.

Geniox Core is a pre-configured, standard air handling unit with a small footprint and many of the qualities from the modular Geniox air handling unit. It is made on the same platform as Geniox with Access controls system.

One of the main benefits of Geniox Core is its compact construction - it can easily fit into the technical room. With a small footprint and new installation options, Geniox Core offers new possibilities for installing an air handling unit in small spaces.

Geniox Core contains the essential features of Geniox family, as well as high energy efficient performance. It has plug fans with EC motor IE5, which is the highest class for energy efficiency.

The unit offers a number of flexible installation options. Freely place components, such as heating and cooling coils, dampers and sound attenuators, outside the air handling unit.

The pre-configured Geniox Core with standard components is extremely easy to select in SystemairCAD and it can be delivered faster than the customized air handling units of the Geniox family.

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