SystemAir presented the new water source heat pumps SYSLOOP 70-135

Date: 14 April 2022

SystemAir presented the new high-capacity water source heat pumps with low GWP R513A refrigerant SYSLOOP 70-135.

SYSLOOP 70-135 - the new water-source heat pump range operates with the low GWP R513A refrigerant, and has nominal capacities from 7 to 15 kW.

Thanks to a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of only 631, the refrigerant is around 3 times less polluting than the R407C or the R410A, usually used for this type of units.
In addition to being more environmentally friendly, this refrigerant also has the advantage of being non-toxic and non-flammable with A1 safety classification.

The SYSLOOP 70-135 units offer very high efficiency levels. They are equipped as a standard with low consumption EC fans and benefit from excellent EER and COP efficiency values.

In order to always create and maintain a perfect indoor climate, under any circumstances, every unit is equipped with an advanced control system, which manages their operation and safety devices. It is available with the following communication protocols: Modbus RTU, Bacnet MSTP or Bacnet IP.

These units have been designed to offer customers a solution they can trust and count on.
The range is equipped with a coaxial heat exchanger, ensuring an increased sturdiness at very high pressure.
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The range at a glance:

  • High capacities  6 sizes from 7 to 15 kW
  • Sustainable and safe  Low energy consumption EC fan + low GWP R513A refrigerant (631) and A1 safety classification (non-flammable and non-toxic)
  • Very high-efficiency  EER up to 3,95 and COP up to 4,58
  • Complete integrated control system with Modbus RTU, Bacnet MSTP or Bacnet IP communication protocol
  • Sturdy units  The range is equipped with a coaxial heat exchanger ensuring an increased sturdiness at very high pressure
  • Easy access to the internal components through large removable panels
  • Nominal airflows from 1 727 to 3 677 m3/h
  • Horizontal installation
  • 2 configurations : In line (S1) or Perpendicular (S2) air blowing
  • Operating range: from +15°C to +33°C ambient air temperature / from +10°C to +50°C water inlet temperature
  • 100% factory tested

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