TEKO launched two brand new CO2-series at EuroShop 2020

Date: 03 March 2020
TEKO launched two brand new CO2-series at EuroShop 2020
TEKO launched two brand new CO2-series at EuroShop 2020
At EuroShop 2020 TEKO launched two brand new CO2-series, which expand the TEKO portfolio for small and big cooling applications.

Products shown at EuroShop

The highlight of the show was definitely the new ROXSTAmicro. This compact solution is ideal for plug&play applications, retrofits and smaller stores – naturally cooled with CO2. TEKO showed a range of these small CO2-condensing units, air-cooled and water-cooled version – one “in action”, cooling an ice maker during the show.

• For MT and LT plug & play applications
• Air-cooled version with gas cooler & heater combination for food retail / commercial kitchens / cold rooms
• Water-cooled version with plate heat exchanger for combination with water chillers / dry coolers
• Speed-controlled, two-stage rotary compressor 
• Solution for retrofitting / expansion
• Compact design
• Ambient temperatures: 0…43°C

TEKO's new CO2-series ROXSTA G6 is tailored for large supermarkets and hypermarkets. ROXSTA G6 covers also many requirements in the field of food production and logistics. The combination of powerful 6-cylinder compressors with frequency controlled 4- or 6-cylinder lead compressors enables an extremely compact design for this size of unit. The optimal coordination of partial load requirements are also not neglected.

• Medium and low temperature applications up to 550 kW
• 6-cylinder compressors
• 130 bar high pressure side
• Heat recovery
• Efficiency tools – parallel compression / EVALIFT / TEKOJET
• Hypermarkets / food production / warehouses
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