The Inflatable Cold Store Dawsongroup

Date: 24 July 2019
The Inflatable Cold Store Dawsongroup
The Inflatable Cold Store Dawsongroup

Dawsongroup from UK offers  inflatable storage. 

The Inflatable Cold Store is an efficient & flexible solution to almost any cold storage requirement. With flexibility being their greatest asset, units have been successfully installed on; Mezzanine floors, Docking bays, Warehousing & Production lines.

Inflatable air cell structures are perfect storage & cover facilities. They have double skin design, providing natural insulation and simplifies temperature control. They are an efficient & flexible solution to almost any cold storage requirement. The unit can be sited internally or externally and offers a practical alternative to traditional container type facilities.

The inflatable coldstore is the most flexible cold storage facility available. Deflated, it can fit on a single pallet allowing easy relocation & low transportation costs. It can also be set up in as little as 3 hours, minimising disruption to your business.

They can run off 32-amp single phase or 16amp 3 phase power supplies, dependent on what suits you best. Inflatable coldstores can also allow forklift access, once the unit is elevated from the ground.

Compared to conventional container storage, Inflatable coldstores are up to 40% cheaper. They allow your facility to grow in line with your business expansion. Up to 4 units can be linked together creating 64 pallets worth of storage.

The textiles used to build the inflatable solutions have excellent longevity and our tried and tested systems utilise components which are selected for their reliability and robustness, so maintenance isn’t an issue.

The main features
  • +2°C/ +8°C chilled temperature range
  • Quick install – 3 hours minutes per unit
  • 16 pallet capacity (per unit)
  • Units can be raised to allow unrestricted forklift access
  • Units can link together to increase capacity (up to 64 pallets)
  • Low logistical costs
  • Up to 40% cheaper per m² than other cold storage facilities
  • Can be sited on any surface

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