The new 8-cylinder reciprocating compressor BITZER for transcritical CO2

Date: 08 June 2023
The new 8-cylinder reciprocating compressor BITZER for transcritical CO2
The new 8-cylinder reciprocating compressor BITZER for transcritical CO2

Food manufacturers with large cooling requirements can now harness the full benefits of environmentally friendly carbon dioxide-based refrigeration following the release of BITZER's new high capacity ECOLINE CO2 compressor.

The new 8-cylinder reciprocating compressor for transcritical CO2 applications delivers outstanding energy efficiency and ultra-low Global Warming Potential (GWP) in a compact footprint that is easy to integrate on site.

In the past, high cooling loads could only be delivered with transcritical CO2 systems by using multiple smaller compressors to achieve the desired refrigeration output. The new large 8-cylinder ECOLINE compressor enables large cooling loads to be met with a single unit, saving space, improving energy efficiency and performance, and simplifying service and maintenance.

Kevin Glass, Managing Director of BITZER UK, said: “Using transcritical CO2 in large refrigeration systems has a number of advantages. It’s a natural, non-toxic refrigerant which enables compact system dimensions, while future-proofing operators against changes in F-gas regulations, thereby ensuring regulatory compliance and protecting capital investment.”

He added: “The new 8-cylinder unit brings all these benefits together in a single, compact package that is even more energy efficient. For food manufacturers with large cooling loads, it’s an excellent all-round solution.”

The new 8-cylinder ECOLINE CO2 unit is around 10 per cent more energy efficient than smaller 6-cylinder compressors currently available, reducing energy consumption and emissions, and cutting running costs throughout the lifetime of the equipment.

BITZER 8-cylinder CO2 compressors are available in two motor variants with displacements between 69.4 and 99.2 m3/h. They are also equipped with VARISTEP mechanical capacity control for higher efficiency at part load operation.

Despite its size, the new 8-cylinder compressor has relatively low current demand on start-up, and is designed to deliver low gas pulsations to minimise vibration. Improvements in internal gas guidance minimise internal pressure drops, while oil carry over rate achieves the low values typical of BITZER.

Thanks to BITZER's intelligent electronic IQ module and OLM oil management system, the compressors are easy to integrate, install, operate and service.

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