The new FSS3 Frascold Selection Software

Date: 20 September 2018
Find hereinafter the details of the last FSS3 Frascold Selection Software release. ALL SOFTWARE: • New layout for the selection output sheet; more clear and understandable. • Fixed errors & bugs. UNITS: • Added new units EB (std) & EBT (tropicalized) series. • Added variable speed control for EC fans of EB & EBT units. RECIPS: • Added A, B & D UL-compressors with 460/3/60 DOL motors. • Added a "warning" for the minimum discharge temperature (50°C) for compressors with hydrocarbons. • Removed the old series H2Y. CO2 CYCLE TOOLS: • Added heat exchangers - FGB overheating with high pressure, intermediate pressure and liquid, - ECO suction superheating with high pressure. • Increased the selection speed.
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