The new glass door system from SCHOTT

Date: 19 February 2020
The new glass door system from SCHOTT
SCHOTT presenting a trend-setting market innovation at EuroShop 2020: Thanks to innovative frame construction, the international technology group has succeeded in reducing the dimensions of the profile structure for wall mounted freezer cabinets – by 50 percent com-pared to conventional glass door systems. At the same time, the slim frame design of SCHOTT Termofrost Slimline is much more energy efficient.

The new glass door system from SCHOTT that promotes sales in store relies on a particularly thin and elegant design of the door and frame profiles to improve the visibility of the goods. As a result, SCHOTT Termofrost Slimline offers a much larger display area and therefore enables faster orientation in the frozen food department. Compared to previous doorframe systems, the visual interruptions are reduced by half. "A good view of products and thus quick orientation at the retail shelves are essential triggers for sales in the food trade," explains Dietmar Nilles, Sales Manager Food Display at SCHOTT. "We completely revised the frame technology of glass door systems for freezer cabinets intending to provide an enhanced view of the goods. Our new system not only looks much better but also consumes much less energy."

Freezer cabinets, therefore, also benefit from the new glass door system in terms of energy efficiency. Thanks to an entirely new design, the heat transfer through the glazing unit into the freezer cabinet is reduced by up to 25 percent and the energy consumption of the frame structure is minimized. Besides, SCHOTT Termofrost Slimline can be configured according to the customer's specific needs to adapt it to the existing shop design. For example, several color options are available, or the door construction in the "Skyline" version allows covering of the complete front of a refrigerated cabinet, including the head area.

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