The new universal controller EV3 400 by EVCO

Date: 05 February 2019
The new universal controller EV3 400 by EVCO
Temperature control in industrial process is a key factor not only in terms of product quality, but also because it has a great impact on the total energy consumed by the unit. To save on production costs and reduce waste, invest on precision solutions such as EV3 400, the new universal controller by EVCO. Values such as temperature, pressure, humidity and much more can be efficiently managed through multi-sensor inputs and an on-off or PID control with auto-tuning function to drive loads through relay outputs or 0-10V modulating output or by operating external SSRs. The 74x 32 format with capacitive keys results even smarter when accessed through the app EVconnect, which makes it possible to set the machine and download logs and events directly from your smartphone.

The EV3 400 range of controllers is designed for all industrial environments in which precise temperature control is of vital importance.
The multi-sensor analogue input makes it ideal for various production processes. These controllers have up to 3 digital outputs and 1 analogue output whose signal can be a function of regulation rather than proportional to the value detected by the analogue input. Control can be either on-off or PID (with auto-tuning).
The external EVlink module with Bluetooth BLE connectivity enables access from an Android smartphone with the EVconnect app, making possible configuration, download and exchange of data and parameter maps.
The format is the standard 74 x 32 mm, the keys are capacitive and the front has a continuous surface with IP65 protection.

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