The next generation of chillers EWAD-TZ B Daikin company

The next generation of chillers EWAD-TZ B Daikin company produces a one- or two-circuit unit with a cooling capacity from 170 to 700 kW. daikin-ewad-tz-b EWAD-TZ series launched in 2013. The latest model combines a rotary screw compressor and an integrated inverter technology with variable technology. This will allow the compressor to shift their own geometry by changing the charging pressure of the condenser to maintain a high compression efficiency. The compressor motors have been optimized to run at different speeds. Selecting the most efficient engine in accordance with the nominal frequency of the chiller to provide a high performance device. Improved control logic for controlling the economizer cycle offers even more benefits and greater reliability. Improved heat exchanger design uses the latest available technology in order to deliver high heat transfer coefficient with minimal pressure drop. A number of options and accessories allow end users to set up a new system to their specific needs. Three efficiency levels with ESEERs from 4.4 to 5.5 and three sound level: standard; low, with special connections on each compressor suction to reduce vibration transmission; decreases with special connections enclosed in a soundproof enclosure. EWAD-TZ B chiller includes a new microchannel condenser coil with epoxy coated, running on R134a with a two-step process. In the first stage under high pressure hot refrigerant condenses into a liquid. In the second stage the liquid coolant is cooled below the saturation temperature before entering the apparatus. This design uses aluminum coil is 50% lighter and uses, on average, 50% less coolant compared with a conventional copper tube. Heat transfer is also enhanced.   Source: Daikin
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