The range of next generation Aermec active chilled beams

Date: 11 January 2021
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Buildings given over to the tertiary sector are very varied in terms of size, construction type and service. That means they need air conditioning solutions able to guarantee superlative performance, optimum comfort and limited energy consumption.

EHT, the new range of active chilled beams designed by AERMEC, is the solution to all these new requests. The comfort conditions provided by EHT are excellent: high air quality, reduced noise levels and maximum energy savings.

EHT, the active chilled beams designed by Aermec, are hybrid induction terminals that combine temperature control, cooling, heating and air distribution functions all in one single device. They can be installed in 4-pipe systems (even with the seamless coupling of modules), come in 8 sizes, and have an air flow rate that covers the range 17 ÷ 947 m³/h.

Simple operation

EHT guarantees a cool or warm environment in large spaces where great flexibility is needed due to the varying types of use and the number of people coming and going. It injects air of the highest quality into the room, thanks to the air handling unit which filters, treats and dehumidifies the air before sending it into the chilled beam. In addition, the innovative nozzles on the EHT measure out the air flow, adapting it to the real needs in that moment.

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