The world's first ultrasound measurement and balancing valve: BOA-Control

Date: 22 February 2019
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World novelty at KSB: The world's first and only measurement and balancing valve with ultrasound technology has just made flow rate measuring so much easier. And that is only one of its many benefits.

Drawing on decades of experience and comprehensive expertise, KSB consistently develops new innovative solutions: The versatile BOA-Control measurement and balancing valve is a true novelty in the world of valves.

Applications of the measurement and balancing valve at a glance:
  • Hot-water heating systems
  • Air-conditioning systems
  • Cooling circuits
  • Flow rate measurements and temperature measurements with integrated sensors
New opportunities with KSB's measurement and balancing valve

The BOA-Control measurement and balancing valve offers entirely new opportunities for direct, straightforward measurement of the flow rate. Ultrasound waves are used to determine the flow rate by transit time difference measurement. An additional temperature sensor integrated in the balancing valve measures the exact fluid temperature. With the corresponding measurement computers, the values measured by the measurement and balancing valve can be saved in the case of mobile measurements or transmitted for permanent measurements.

Whether mobile or permanent – KSB has the right solution

Two sensors are required by the BOA measurement and balancing valve to conduct measurements with ultrasonic sensors. 

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