The YORK YVFA Free-cooling VSD Screw Chiller

Date: 25 April 2019
The YORK YVFA Free-cooling VSD Screw Chiller
The YORK legacy of innovation continues with YORK YVFA Free-Cooling Chillers, delivering the lowest possible yearly energy consumption and life-cycle costs with payback in less than two years by combining superior engineering and technology in a packaged design that’s simple to own and operate.
The chiller's advanced technologies include Johnson Controls expertise in variable-speed driven (VSD) compressors that ensure efficient operation across all cooling-load and ambient temperature conditions. The integrated high-efficiency air-to-liquid free cooling coils, designed by Johnson Controls heat transfer experts, reduce or eliminate the need for mechanical cooling when ambient conditions allow. Intelligent controls optimize energy use year-round, constantly evaluating conditions and controlling bypass valves to reduce pump energy when free cooling is not available.

The advanced technology in YVFA free-cooling chillers enable operation in three modes (mechanical, hybrid and free) to best align with current ambient conditions, boosting efficiency. Single point controls simplify operation to easily accommodate process or building changes. Set point changes are easily made through the control panel or Building Automation System (BAS). The free-cooling controls automatically adjust to deliver the best performance at required conditions.

Hybrid cooling mode provides an efficiency advantage. For unsurpassed efficiency at part-load, intelligent controls optimize the balance between using fans to move air over the free cooling coils with the outstanding efficiency of the VSD compressor.
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