thermofin presented AdiabaticPads

Date: 13 August 2020

thermofin dry coolers, condensers and gas coolers can be equipped optionally with AdiabaticPads. Depending on customers' choice this type of adiabatic pre-cooling allows outlet as condensation temperatures below the ambient temperature or a considerably higher unit performance with the same footprint.
Once the defined set point of the outlet or condensing temperature can‘t be achieved anymore in dry operation, due to an increasing ambient temperature, the pre-cooling system is activated. The upstream AdiabaticPads are humidified. Depending on their design and the air condition on cooler inlet, the air can be cooled down by more than 10 K before entering the heat exchanger.
Furthermore, thermofin adiabatic management (TAM) enables water consumption to be controlled in line with demand, which enables water-saving operation.