Tool4Cool v3.00 – Operating Instructions from Secop

Date: 10 April 2019
Tool4Cool v3.00 – Operating Instructions from Secop
Tool4Cool v3.00 – Operating Instructions from Secop

Tool4Cool is a unique PC software tool that enables you to precisely configure Secop variable speed drive compressors (inverter) to cooling systems.

As well as using Tool4Cool to customise and optimize settings during development, you can also use it for remote control and monitoring of your refrigeration circuit during operation.

Tool4Cool retrieves and sends information to all controllers in the refrigeration system, including settings, temperature and speed. This enables you to control and monitor your system from a central station. With Tool4Cool your service department has a constant overview of your cooling system, so trouble-shooting can be carried out remotely. Technicians only need to visit the plant in the event that a component needs to be replaced, for example.

Via microprocessor-based controllers, Tool4Cool gives you easy access to all parameters. These can be changed, monitored, downloaded or uploaded to get the optimum performance out of  cooling system.

The latest version Tool4Cool is available for download in two variants:

  • Full Version (including FTDI driver and .NET framework)
  • Light Version (including FTDI driver, .NET framework not included)
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