Toshiba Introduces Textile-wrapped Air Conditioning Units

Date: 09 February 2021
Toshiba Introduces Textile-wrapped Air Conditioning Units
Toshiba Introduces Textile-wrapped Air Conditioning Units
Toshiba Introduces Textile-wrapped Air Conditioning Units
Toshiba, a global leader in high-efficiency, high-performance HVAC (heating, ventilation & air conditioning) systems for domestic and commercial buildings, has redefined residential air conditioning aesthetics. The company’s newly developed HAORI transcends traditional AC concepts to become an alluring and truly elegant part of the furnishings, proving that home comfort technology can be something far more captivating than the sometimes-disruptive appearance of conventional plastic. 
Regardless of the room style - modern, playful, casual, luxury, chic or retro - there is a HAORI design to make it even more engaging. With its thin body and unique shape, this innovative AC unit features a highly attractive textile cover that is not only available in a range of standard and optional colours, but offers infinite customisation possibilities. Using the supplied fabric pattern kit, HAORI owners simply take their chosen design to a tailor or, if they can sew, make their own. The textile surface of HAORI creates the perfect marriage between other room fabrics such as sofas, carpets, curtains, armchairs and bed linen for a cosy and comfortable atmosphere.  
Toshiba’s patented concept makes HAORI easy to dress; simply peel and stick the desired fabric to the curved front panel to create an AC unit that will be the talk of the neighbourhood. The beauty of HAORI is its ability to blend in and become part of the wall, or stand out and become a seductive feature. Interior designers and homeowners can let style be their guide. What’s more, if the room receives a facelift at any point, so can HAORI. Simply chose or make a new fabric to keep the overall aesthetic on-trend.
In keeping with Toshiba’s global reputation for engineering distinction, the visual appeal of HAORI is matched by its technical excellence. Best-in-class performance is underpinned by triple A efficiency (for both heating and cooling), near-silent operation and market-leading air quality.
Taking advantage of R32 refrigerant for minimal environmental impact, HAORI’s A+++ energy performance provides the best part-load efficiencies in its segment: the system is rated to 8.6 for SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) and 5.1 for SCOP (Seasonal Coefficient Of Performance). In addition, Toshiba’s innovative rotary compressor and inverter technology respect the environment through constant regulation of heating and cooling capacity.
HAORI has been designed to offer near-silent operation. The unit’s Quiet function reduces noise from the indoor unit to a barely audible 19dB(A), ensuring a good night’s sleep. Furthermore, the outdoor unit is one of the most silent on the market at a nominal 44 dB(A). Noise levels can in fact be reduced to just 37 dB(A) using a special function activated by the app or remote control. 
Regarding air quality, HAORI features Toshiba’s PM2.5 Ultra-Pure Filter, which captures up to 94% of fine particulate matter with a diameter of more than 2.5 micrometres. Studies have found close links between respiratory ailments and exposure to fine atmospheric particles, which can carry bacteria and viruses. The Toshiba Plasma Ionizer housed within HAORI catches and neutralises micron contaminated particles (virus and bacteria) to create a healthy living space. 
High air quality is maintained over the long term thanks to features such as the easy-clean drain pan and Toshiba’s Magic Coil with self-cleaning function. Furthermore, Toshiba’s innovative HADA Care provides advanced cooling technology that improves air distribution inside the room and protects skin moisture levels. The louvre position generates indirect flow, circulating air at the top of the room to regulate temperature and enhance comfort levels.
HAORI comes with a stylish remote control. The contemporary black, brushed texture façade provides a look and feel befitting of this elegant AC unit. Intuitive remote-control functions include Power select and ECO modes to reduce energy bills, Hi-power for rapid cooling or heating. A magnetic wall-mounted holder is also supplied.
Factory-integrated Wi-Fi means HAORI can be controlled via the Toshiba Home AC Control app, where newly introduced features include energy monitoring and full voice control thanks to compatibility with Google Home assistant and Amazon Alexa smart speakers.
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