Toshiba Launched R32 SDI Air Conditioning Series

Date: 19 June 2019
Toshiba Launched R32 SDI Air Conditioning Series
Toshiba has completed its line-up of Super Digital inverter (SDI) R32-based split air conditioning systems, creating the widest range of equipment operating on the lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerant available in the UK.
The latest additions to the company’s light commercial R32 range include the new Big Super Digital inverter (SDI) outdoor unit, availablein 8hpand10hp versions, and a complete range of R32 indoor units, including ceiling cassettes, high-walls, consoles and high static pressure duct-mounted units.
The high performance systems have energy ratings of A+++/A++ anddeliver cooling with a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) of up to 7.01, and heating with a Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP) of up to 4.36, depending on the model and outdoor-indoor unit combination.
As a result of design improvements and system optimisation, the refrigerant charge has been significantly reduced, from 5.9kg in the previous model to 5.0kg in the latestversion.
Neil Hitching, sales director for Toshiba, said: “The new SDI systems have been totally redesigned to maximise safety and performance with A2L-class refrigerants, such as R32. Research carried out in-house shows they deliver best-in-class performance for currently available systems of this type, with power input significantly reduced for a given output. This is great news for users of Toshiba equipment, who now have access to the widest range of R32 splits from a single supplier, backed by our industry leading warranty and customer service.”
The refrigerant charge reduction of up to 30per cent enables a 77per cent reduction in tons equivalent CO2 emissions, while maintaining similar operational, safety and equipment requirements for installers.
The previous refrigerant, R410A, has a relatively high GWP of 2088, compared with 675 for R32. In terms of performance, R32 has similar working pressures to R410A, however R32 has better heat transfer and delivers higher capacity than R410A, making systems more efficient and assisting in charge size reduction.
Toshiba offers training in the safe handling of R32 and other flammable refrigerants at four locations across the country:at Waterlooville in the South, Tiverton in the West, Milton Keynes in the Midlands, and Burnley in the North. Coursesare approved and validated by City & Guilds and Logic Certification.The one-day programme covers safe handling of all A2L, A2 & A3 flammable refrigerants. 
The company provides a contribution towards the cost of the course, which is also available through its Rewards scheme, effectively making it available free to those enrolled on the scheme with sufficient points.

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