Water condensed chiller with screw compressors FX-W-G04 from Mitsubishi

Date: 01 October 2019
Water condensed chiller with screw compressors FX-W-G04 from Mitsubishi
Water condensed chiller with screw compressors FX-W-G04 from Mitsubishi

The FX-W-G04 range is designed to provide maximum reliability and efficiency both at full and partial loads. With accurate design and specially selected components, all FX-W-G04 units meet the efficiency goals set by the latest ErP 2021 guidelines for comfort applications. The unit has a compact design and high flexibility to adapt to the most diverse load conditions thanks to careful thermoregulation. In addition, thanks to the possibility of thermal recovery, FX-W-G04 provides additional energy savings when there is a need to produce cold water and hot water at the same time, redirecting the latter to different applications.

Sustainability in first place

Recent international agreements and the resulting regulations implemented have pushed the HVAC sector towards increasingly efficient units with minimal environmental impact. HFO 1234ze, chosen for the new FX-W-G04 range, is the innovative refrigerant characterized by a negligible greenhouse effect with zero impact on the ozone layer, compared to traditional HFC refrigerants. FX-W-G04 combines unparalleled annual efficiency with the use of a low GWP refrigerant, thus tackling both the indirect greenhouse effect -due to primary energy consumption- and the direct one making it the perfect choice for sustainable HVAC systems with reduced environmental impact.

Compact design for maximum flexibility

The unit is characterized by extreme compactness thanks to the construction layout without a base and paneling, and by high flexibility to adapt to diverse installation conditions such as if there are small spaces or if the units are replaced when redeveloping existing facilities.

Technological choices

The FX-W-G04 range offers maximum energy efficiency thanks to the synergy between the benefits of using the HFO R1234ze ecological refrigerant and its advanced technology. The units use compact screw compressors, optimized to work with low compression ratios; shell-and-tube condenser developed by Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems, and electronic expansion valve managed by proprietary logics, to ensure optimal efficiency at different working conditions.

W3000TE controller and KIPlink Wi-Fi interface

The control of FX-W-G04 is entrusted to the W3000TE software. With advanced features and algorithms, W3000TE has proprietary settings that ensure a rapid response to the different dynamics of the plant, in all operating conditions. The innovative KIPlink interface is available as an option, allowing direct control of the unit. Based on WiFi technology, KIPlink replaces the traditional on-board keyboard and allows the user to manage the unit directly from a mobile device (smartphone, tablet, notebook) by scanning the QR code placed on the unit.

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