Charlotte Robinson from the UK Wins the Second Edition of the Women in Cooling Video Competition

Date: 02 May 2024
Charlotte Robinson from the UK Wins the Second Edition of the Women in Cooling Video Competition
Charlotte Robinson from the UK Wins the Second Edition of the Women in Cooling Video Competition
The refrigeration industry celebrates a new champion as Charlotte Robinson from the UK clinches the top spot in the second edition of the Women in Cooling video competition. Robinson impressed the judges with her hands-on practical troubleshooting of a compressor, showcasing her expertise and technical acumen in the field.

The competition, which underscores the vital contributions of women in the refrigeration industry, saw eight female professionals vying for the title. This year's event was particularly notable for its emphasis on practical and design skills, with Robinson's entry highlighting the importance of problem-solving abilities in maintaining and optimizing refrigeration systems.

The award ceremony, set to take place on the 23rd of May at the historic Titanic Museum in Belfast, will honor Robinson's achievement. The location is especially meaningful as it commemorates the 200th anniversary of Belfast-born William Thompson, Lord Kelvin, a pioneer in thermodynamics.

Robinson will receive a €1,000 cheque from World Refrigeration Day, and her travel, accommodation, and dinner expenses will be covered for the event by the hosts, BESA RACHP Group. Her winning video, along with the submissions from the other talented contestants, is now publicly available for viewing. The playlist showcases the innovative work and dedication of these professionals, providing inspiration for future generations of women and men in the industry.

Steve Gill, Founder of World Refrigeration Day, enthusiastically said: " I am thrilled to congratulate Charlotte Robinson on her well-deserved victory in this year's Women in Cooling video competition. This competition celebrates not just individual achievement, but the collective progress and inspiring potential of all women in refrigeration, air-conditioning, and heat pumps. Let us continue to support and amplify the visibility of such talented professionals, paving the way for a more diverse and inclusive future in our field."

In conjunction with the competition, the AREA general assembly will also be held over the same two days. This gathering will bring together 24 associations from 22 countries to discuss the latest policies on training and certification in light of the newly approved EU F-gas Regulation 3.0. This assembly is a crucial step towards harmonising standards across the industry and ensuring the highest levels of professional competence.

AREA President, Coen van de Sande, is also extremely happy with the quality and competence demonstrated by all the women who sent their excellent work. "I am very delighted with the high level of this year's contributions, and I am convinced that it will inspire other women to start their careers in Refrigeration Technology. AREA will gladly continue supporting and promoting initiatives like the Women in Cooling Competition that showcase the attractiveness of the RACHP sector."

The Women in Cooling video competition and the AREA general assembly are testament to the strides being made towards diversity and inclusion within the refrigeration industry. They serve as beacons for aspiring female engineers, technicians, and designers, encouraging them to explore and excel in this essential field.

This year, there were eight participants in the contest, open for the first time not only to those who work in the field as technicians but also to those involved in engineering design.

The participants were:

  • Charlotte Robinson – United Kingdom (winner)
  • Katie Cronin – Ireland
  • Tie Kieuw Lee – Netherlands
  • Chloe Jennings – United Kingdom
  • Sharon Byrne – Ireland
  • Carmen Rodriguez Ortiz – Ireland
  • Zdenka Bukovinová – Slovakia
  • Joanne Mitchell – United Kingdom

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