Eliwell at Chillventa eSpecial

Date: 12 October 2020

From 13 to 15 October, Eliwell and Schneider Electric will be taking part in Chillventa eSpecial, a major digital event in refrigeration technology to replace the biennial trade fair, now postponed to 2022 due to the pandemic. Eliwell and Schneider Electric will be introducing the key solutions they have jointly developed in response to increasing challenges within the refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heat pump market.

The decision to participate in the first digital edition of Chillventa forms part of a strategy whereby Eliwell has made a long-term commitment to its transformation into a company devoted to digital. Even before lockdown and especially in recent months, Eliwell has vastly increased its number of digital initiatives, for greater proximity to its clients and to boost opportunities for online support, both commercial and technical. Chillventa is the first genuinely digital event in the HVACR sector, one Eliwell could not miss out on, in a very special year for the Belluno company, now celebrating 40 years in business.

“2020 represents a major milestone for Eliwell”, said Sandro Battagli, VP & General Manager at Eliwell. “We embody the success story of an Italian company that set out from Belluno and has become a global player in refrigeration, bringing Made in Italy technological development to the world. In 40 years of business, we have introduced many innovations to the industry, some of which have become benchmarks in the market. At Chillventa eSpecial, we want to tell our story and note the evolution our products have undergone over time, then to unveil our latest developments for the world of supermarkets, retail, industry and HVAC.”

Eliwell and Schneider Electric will hold presentations throughout the virtual trade fair. In particular, on 14 and 15 October, as part of the Chillventa Supporting Programme, Eliwell will talk about the supermarkets of the future, while Schneider will address the latest trends in the retail sector. On 13, 14 and 15 October, both companies will feature in in-depth themed seminars, where they will deal with topical matters in the world of refrigeration.

Using the Chillventa tool, attendees can interact with Eliwell and Schneider Electric representatives, to ask any question they like, including via chat.

“We consider it vital to reconnect with our clients all over the world and to find new opportunities to make contact with potential new clients”, Battagli concluded. "All the physical events in 2020 that we intended to take part in have been cancelled and it's essential to find alternative means to communicate with our audience on a global level.The focus of Chillventa this year is ‘Connecting Experts’: we want to play our part as ‘experts’ ourselves, having been drivers of the technological developments in the industry for 40 years.”

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