AEFYT launches the initiative to create a committee of women in the cold sector

Date: 14 February 2021
AEFYT launches the initiative to create a committee of women in the cold sector
The celebration, today February 11, of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, serves as a reminder of the growing importance that women are reaching in the field of science and technology. AEFYT, Association of Cold Companies and their Technologies, supports the initiatives taking place around this celebration and announces the forthcoming creation of a women's committee within the Association. Its objective is to bring together female talent from AEFYT companies from the conviction that the contribution of women can be a lever to accelerate the change towards the challenges that lie ahead.

“For a long time women have had a testimonial presence in our sector. We are living in a time of great technological and structural changes that should lead us to the environmental and economic sustainability of our companies and cold-user sectors. In this context, we cannot afford to do without 50 percent of the talent that comes out of universities and professional schools, because women have a lot to contribute to this evolution. We cannot ignore that one of the transversal axes of the European Recovery Plan, as well as of the SDGs, is WITHOUT GENDER GAPS ”, said Susana Rodríguez, president of AEFYT.

In the opinion of AEFYT, the integration of women in technical sectors, such as refrigeration, happens, in the first place, to value technical jobs from the early stages of education and to do so on an equal footing between men and women. women; and, secondly, to work to increase the sensitivity of companies in the field of gender equality and that the perception of women's work has the recognition and visibility it deserves. Initiatives to break the glass ceiling are necessary, although still scarce, and, among them, the integration of women in the governing bodies of companies and associations is essential.
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