ATS Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers Distributed through New Yorker Electronics

Date: 20 April 2021
ATS Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers Distributed through New Yorker Electronics
ATS Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers Distributed through New Yorker Electronics
The Vostok series of ultra-low temperature freezers from Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS), is now available through New Yorker Electronics. The ATS Vostok series can continuously store biological materials, including vaccines, at temperatures as low as -86°C (-123°F) with +/- 0.1°C accuracy. 
In order to meet a variety of medical needs, the Vostok freezers are available in both freestanding and portable models. They can safely maintain large volumes of COVID-19 vaccines within their needed low-temperature requirements, as these treatments deploy locally across the world. 
Along with vaccines, ATS’ Vostok M80 cabinet freezers are ideal for biological storage of viruses, germs, blood plasma, skin, bone marrow, sperm and other biological, pelagic and special test products. A range of sizes and features are available with storage capacities from 11.9 to 29.59 cubic feet (228 to 838L). Easily accessed racks can hold 19,200 to 60,000 two-millimeter vial samples or 192 to 600 two-inch boxes. 
The castor-equipped, stainless steel freezers are easily set up in any ambient (10 to 32°C, 50 to 90°F) location, and run at just 50 to 55dB volume. With their optimized evaporator design and state-of-the-art compressors, all Vostok freezers can be set to precise cooling temperatures, as low as -86°C. In the event of a power failure, the freezers have a 72-hour backup system with alarm. Chart recorders and data loggers can be added via USB connection for monitoring, recording and analyzing environmental parameters. An optional CO2 backup system maintains required ultra-low temperatures in the event of a power failure. 
The portable Vostok PortM80 freezer has a compact, lightweight design to facilitate transport of vaccines while maintaining temperatures down to -86°C. Its cooling technology is adapted to master vibration and transportation bumps. Environmentally safe helium is the refrigerant, providing long-term, high-reliability performance. 
Vostok ultra-low temperature freezers are ideal for hospitals, vaccination sites, local clinics, blood banks, epidemic prevention and response services, research institutes, biomedical and chemical industries and marine fishing industries. 
As a franchise distributor for ATS, New Yorker Electronics supplies its full line of High-Performance Heat Sinks and Heat Sink Tools and Attachments, Closed and Open Loop Wind Tunnels and Controllers, Round and Flat Heat Pipes, Advanced Fan Trays, Liquid Cooling: Flow Meters, Leak Detectors, Chillers and Heat Exchangers, TEC Assembly and Modules, and Next-Gen Test Instruments such as Temperature and Velocity Measurement, Pressure Measurement, Surface Thermography and other specialty instruments. 
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