BITZER Digital Network is available for all BITZER partners

Date: 12 August 2021
BITZER Digital Network is available for all BITZER partners
BITZER Digital Network (BDN) is available for all BITZER partners, to help them cope with the challenges of digitalization in the refrigeration and air conditioning sector. The network provides very specific benefits for users and organisations – with functionalities free of charge as well as extended features. 

BITZER Digital Network is a digital infrastructure for different stakeholders using BITZER products. With BDN, they can manage their BITZER products both from an overall perspective and in every detail. One of the main aspects of BDN is to facilitate access, storage and management of all product- and application-related information, providing a simple solution to keep track of relevant user equipment. It also helps with organizing service activities and saves users time by offering them all necessary data just one click away. The network combines every information and digital service needed in one single source. This key product and application-specific information is displayed on multiple levels.

Access to all relevant information

With the BDN, users get access to all the relevant information on all their BITZER products in use – such as documentation, operating manuals and technical and application information as well as spare parts, with a dedicated link to ePARTS, the digital BITZER spare parts catalogue. Furthermore, dedicated certificates and approvals along with compressor drawings and specifications are accessible through the BDN. Moreover, all data logs uploaded via the BEST software are automatically assigned to the corresponding product in BDN and available to download, providing the user with all the necessary information about the current product at a glance.

Management of installations and service tasks

BDN shows installations and systems in a comprehensive and flexible structure. Users can upload their relevant documentation themselves, such as service reports and the system flow chart. The complete history of service jobs for a specific product and installation can also be reviewed in the BDN. BITZER partners can even upload related pictures and mark relevant regions, making them easier to identify by service personal on-site. Additionally, service tasks for all installations are summarised on a dedicated page with different filter options, providing users with a global overview of all service activities. 

Easy registration and knowledge sharing within organizations

BDN can provide different access levels for the various members of the user’s organization. Three different levels are currently available which can be managed for a whole organization. In the BDN, stored equipment can also be shared with other organizations in order to allow access to relevant information for all stakeholders involved.

Services based on live device data

All of these information services are available free of charge and accessible through the BITZER website for every user of the myBITZER portal. Additionally, the BDN provides unique digital services based on the live data provided by BITZER IQ products – including remote access and fault notifications as well as different ways to analyze compressor data. These functions are based on live compressor operation data. They provide very detailed and precise compressor information and thus enable a unique opportunity for remote real-time troubleshooting.

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