Carel: Workshop on natural refrigerants in Zagreb

Date: 12 October 2019
Carel: Workshop on natural refrigerants in Zagreb

A workshop on the correct use of natural refrigerants is scheduled for Wednesday 16 October at the University of Zagreb. Organised by CAREL in collaboration with Horkt, the Association of Cooling Engineers, Centro Studi Galileo, and with the contribution of the European Union Life Program, the course aims to promote the use of natural refrigerants, helping spread a culture of energy saving and environmentally-friendly refrigeration.

Among the issues addressed at the workshop, ample space will be devoted to refrigerant charge and safety. There will also be a part focused specifically on COsolutions, with a practical demonstration to reinforce awareness and ease of use.

“We were very keen to organise this workshop in Zagreb, as it is fundamental for us to go to our customers, to meet them and see first-hand the issues they face in their work”, commented Marco Galluppi, Managing Director of CAREL Central and Southern Europe. “With this in mind, we are increasing our participation at industrial application events, so as to be present directly in specific markets, alongside our traditional reference sectors. Just to mention a couple of examples, last month we were at ‘Copis’, the paper industry event in Sofia, and in November we will be at the ‘Salon du Vin’ wine exhibition, again in Sofia”.

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