Carrier China Selected to Provide Solutions and Services to the Sanya International Sports Industrial Park

Date: 27 July 2020
Carrier China Selected to Provide Solutions and Services to the Sanya International Sports Industrial Park
Carrier China was recently selected to provide solutions and services to the Sanya International Sports Industrial Park, including providing hundreds of XCT7 Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems as well as after-sales services for the athlete service apartments in the park. This contract further showcases Carrier's commitment to promote sustainable development in China, taking into account energy conservation, greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions and environmental comfort.

Sanya International Sports Industrial Park will be jointly constructed by the Sanya Municipal Government and professional sports industrial development institutions. The project aims to gather international resources to build a sports and tourism platform. The project investment is estimated at RMB 21 billion, and it will include the building of an international park with facilities like the Sanya Sports Center, sports-themed hotel, E-sports Park, sports-themed commercial street, business complex, athletes service apartments, media village and technical officials village, Rehabilitation Center of Beijing University of Physical Education (BUPE), Sports Science Park of BUPE, South Comprehensive Training Center, China Football Kinematics Training Center, China Tourism and Transportation Center, and more.

The athlete service apartments will house athletes from all over the world. The athlete service apartments’ air conditioning systems must meet the standards of low energy consumption as well as ensure high efficiency, comfort and intelligence. Carrier’s XCT7 VRF system, which was selected for the installation, is superior to the national Level I energy efficiency standard, with IPLV as high as 6.3. It is capable of fast cooling and heating, while its minimum indoor operation sound is only 23 decibels, lower than a whisper. In addition, the XCT7 VRF system can also be connected to a smart home system for remote intelligent control.

For the Sanya International Sports Industrial Park project, Carrier China worked closely with the customer to prepare a winning proposal, which ultimately received an almost perfect score in the public bidding.

"The supporting construction of large-scale sports industrial parks in China has increasingly strict requirements for equipment reliability and energy conservation and GHG emission reductions, which brings both opportunities and challenges to the light commercial business," said Zhu Yinghua, sales director, Carrier China Light Commercial Business. “Carrier’s selection for the Sanya International Sports Industrial Park project is a result of joint efforts by the sales teams in South China and North China.”

Through active communication with the owner, the general contractor and other relevant parties, and with effective cross-functional collaboration, Carrier China won the contract.

"This is a significant victory," said Titus Yu, managing director, Carrier Commercial HVAC Equipment – North Asia. “At Carrier, we always adhere to the concept of sustainable development in all aspects of work. We take efforts to improve the overall energy efficiency of buildings, and we look forward to providing more green solutions for different industries so as to help customers control their energy costs better. We believe that with ‘green building’ as an important fulcrum, green applications will have a broad development prospect in all walks of life in China."
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