Cooperation of STULZ Modular & Asperitas

Date: 01 March 2024
Cooperation of STULZ Modular & Asperitas
STULZ Modular, one of the leading providers of modular data center solutions and a wholly owned subsidiary of STULZ GmbH, is cooperating with Asperitas in the field of liquid cooling. The aim of the collaboration with the Dutch immersion cooling specialist is to realise the benefits of immersion cooling for high-density data center environments. The core of the cooperation is the implementation of a concept for a modular data center solution with integrated immersion cooling for indoor and outdoor installation.

The project was implemented jointly by STULZ Modular and Asperitas. As an independent technology partner, Asperitas primarily contributed immersion cooling expertise and products. STULZ Modular developed the concept for the data center infrastructure components in addition to the recirculating air conditioning and mechanical refrigeration with a view to efficiency and effectiveness. STULZ Modular's concept also includes the secure supply of the power train (switch-gear, UPSs and PDUs), the complete cooling circuit, remote monitoring and infrastructure management (DCIM) as well as early fire detection and extinguishing. The result of the collaboration is a compact, modular end-to-end data center for an IT load of up to 200 kW in combination with immersion cooling technology from Asperitas. The IT capacity can be scaled up as per larger load requirements. It is specifically designed for highly efficient cooling of particularly power-hungry IT applications, such as the local processing of large amounts of data, data science, generative AI or industrial edge.

In addition to the extremely efficient immersion cooling technology, the outstanding features of the modular data center solution also include the consistent, fully integrated data center infrastructure from STULZ Modular. The configuration offers high reliability and additional redundancy as well as rapid scalability and efficiency. The use of systems and components from leading manufacturers guarantees maximum reliability. The modular concept also enables customer-specific adaptations as well as being fully factory tested and therefore arrives at the final site ready for immediate use. STULZ Modular offers its customers a global presence in over 140 countries as well as premium services based on more than 50 years of experience in refrigeration technology.
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