Copeland Announces Its Verdant Energy Management Solutions Expanding into Europe

Date: 14 April 2024
Copeland Announces Its Verdant Energy Management Solutions Expanding into Europe
Copeland, a global provider of sustainable climate solutions, announced that its Verdant energy management solutions are now available in the European market. This expansion is kicking off with an official partnership with the Energy & Environment Alliance (EEA), a coalition of hospitality investors, developers, asset managers and operators working to transition the industry to Net Zero Emissions. With an installed base of more than 7,000 hospitality and multi-family properties across North America, Copeland’s Verdant offering is a proven solution for substantial energy savings.

“I was impressed by the Verdant product offering, energy savings and fast ROI that Copeland is already providing to hotels across North America,” said Ufi Ibrahim, chief executive officer, EEA. “I believe they bring a unique solution that can immediately help our coalition with its sustainability goals.”

Copeland has recently installed Verdant in several retrofit applications in hotels across Spain, Portugal and the U.K. that are now delivering substantial savings data. The company also recently attended the EEA Sustainability Symposium, participating in panel discussions and sharing product demos with some of the top hotel groups across Europe.

“Our plug-and-play solution has helped customers deliver up to a 40% reduction in HVAC runtime, and we are excited to now bring this solution to Europe,” said Michael Serour, VP and GM, Verdant energy management solutions for Copeland. “Our integrations beyond just HVAC - with building management systems, lighting and more - make Verdant solutions a great choice for building managers to implement a more environmentally friendly approach in senior living facilities, student housing and hotels.”

The average hotel guestroom is vacant more than 50% of the time, making energy usage the second largest operating cost for hotels. Verdant products and services combine advanced occupancy and thermal-sensing technologies with real-time analytics to ensure optimal energy settings, helping building operators to reduce consumption and maximize cost savings without compromising guest comfort.
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