Eckelmann focuses on digitalisation: The new Virtus Caelum apps

Date: 18 February 2020
Eckelmann focuses on digitalisation: The new Virtus Caelum apps
Eckelmann focuses on digitalisation: The new Virtus Caelum apps
Eckelmann focuses on digitalisation: The new Virtus Caelum apps

Ready for Refrigeration 4.0: As a partner of Bosch.IO, Eckelmann AG is presenting its new software solutions for refrigeration and building automation in trade at EuroShop 2020. With the app “Virtus Basic Desk”, remote service providers and operators can control refrigeration devices via the internet, using control technology by Eckelmann.

In future, the app “Virtus Alarm Desk” will also offer the option of monitoring refrigeration devices independently of manufacturers. Both apps are provided via the Bosch.IO Retail Service Dashboard, an independent, safe and high-availability Cloud application. It is revolutionary that this Cloud application allows everyone in the trade to cooperate digitally, and make use of innovation, regardless of whether as an operator, manufacturer, app provider, refrigeration specialist or service partner. 

It has never been so simple to monitor refrigeration devices centrally. With Virtus Basic Desk from Eckelmann, refrigeration specialists only require a web browser for remote maintenance and servicing. With a digital ecosystem, this application from Bosch.IO provides all functionalities for accessing device data safely and across different manufacturers. A clear ID for each malfunction brings full transparency and traceability to the handling and documentation of service calls.

Virtus Basic Desk possesses numerous features that simplify alarm and fault monitoring management. Thanks to “Smart Alarm Hiding”, users can, for example, filter the relevant alarms quickly and hide the messages which are not relevant.

With a clear presentation of the actual and nominal values and graphic professional tools for the analysis and diagnosis of the device’s behaviour, the cause of a fault can be quickly found and in most cases directly remedied at minimum costs by remote maintenance. Context-related information and tips help the service personnel to rectify malfunctions quickly. The digital twin of Virtus 5 in the Bosch.IO Retail Service Dashboard allows safe access to the refrigeration device. Virtus 5 here acts as a high-performance gateway to the refrigeration device and handles the secure exchange of information with the platform.

In future, remote maintenance will no longer absolutely require elaborate management of one’s own VPN infrastructure.

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