Eliwell celebrates 40 years in business

Date: 19 November 2020

An all-Italian success story, in which a small company set out from Belluno to become a global player in refrigeration, bringing Made in Italy technological development to the world.

For Eliwell, 2020 represents an important milestone: 40 years in the refrigeration business, bridging the last century and the new millennium.Founded by an entrepreneur from Belluno in 1980, Eliwell soon grew to international importance, and today it has more than 200 employees and operates in over 90 countries worldwide.

Eliwell’s story is located in the heart of Italy’s Veneto Region, one large Industrial Refrigeration and HVAC district that now leads Europe in products of this type. Not many companies can claim a history of lasting success with international scope on a par with that of Eliwell. “The secret of this business’s success lies in its people,” explains Sandro Battagli, Eliwell VP and General Manager. “Some employees from the early years are still with Eliwell, confirming that our company has grown with and thanks to its people, and that our bonds with them have stood the test of time.”

In these 40 years, the Belluno firm has introduced many innovations into the refrigeration world, including several which have become market standards.Hand in hand with its technological development, Eliwell has grown over time, expanding first into Europe and then globally.

“Our capability to keep investing and expanding our workforce even at difficult times has certainly been a key to our success,” Mr Battagli underlines, “and it meant we were still in excellent health at the start of the last decade, which has witnessed major events in our history.During this last decade, the company has responded to the drive to energy saving and digitization with further steps forward, introducing novelties such as EcoStruxure for Supermarkets, a solution integrated with the building world, and the inauguration of the Innovation Hub, the new demo centre for the supermarket world and for convenience stores, which gives visitors first-hand experience of all the Eliwell and Schneider Electric technologies and solutions for the automation and control of the various assets.”

Even during the lockdown period, Eliwell never ceased operations and continued to invest, not only in the development of new products but also in the reinforcement and innovation of the existing digital channels, to constantly improve its customer support.This is proven by the recent launch of the new Eliwell Digital Academy portal, the digital space created to offer Eliwell customers and partners innovative support enabling them to find out about, choose and make the most effective use of the Belluno company's refrigeration products and solutions.

Today Eliwell, together with Schneider Electric, is the global partner providing efficient and sustainable solutions and services for food storage and distribution systems, and for systems dedicated to ambient comfort, for the integrated control of resources.A company characterised by strong know-how, spirit of innovation, immense human capital and a constant future-orientation.

“Eliwell’s history is that of a business and its community which mutually support each other, a relationship that benefits us and to which we contribute” Mr Battagli points out.“Although we look outwards to the world, our heart is and will always remain in Belluno, the global nerve centre of refrigeration, where it all began. Our history is now getting back on track after a year which has been difficult for everyone, but which has also underlined the importance of technology and the opportunities offered by new digital training, updating and support tools. We are ready to write more important chapters in our history, in an evolution we intend to share with our customers and partners.”