Epta’s First Installation in the Republic of Congo

Date: 24 February 2024
Epta’s First Installation in the Republic of Congo
Epta’s First Installation in the Republic of Congo
Epta’s First Installation in the Republic of Congo
Epta’s First Installation in the Republic of Congo
Epta – Independent global player and leader specialised in commercial refrigeration – first installed its cutting-edge refrigeration technologies in the Republic of Congo, on the basis of the remarkable results achieved in already existing African stores in Cameroon and Mauritius.  
Due to substantial technological advantages, the first Franprix shop in Pointe-Noire chose a transcritical CO2 modular control unit with the Epta patented FTE system, marking a real change of pace in the African commercial refrigeration trend.
Not only does the region have wild nature and breathtaking landscapes, it is also characterised by a tropical climate and temperature which never drops below 23 degrees, with adverse environmental conditions posing a major challenge for Epta. 

The adoption of CO2 as a coolant, still unusual on the African continent, could be less efficient in extreme climatic contexts. However, Epta, which designs and develops innovative, customised and sustainable refrigeration systems, is able to overcome all limitations and ensure the perfect functioning of its solutions in their maximum efficiency potential, at any latitude.  

Franprix, part of the Burotec Group and actual institution in France in terms of variety and quality of products on sale, has successfully relied on Bonnet Névé for refrigerated cabinets and display cases. 

The new store, with a surface area of 925 square metres, diversifies the local offer and houses a vast assortment of Bonnet Névé furnishings, flexible in layout and combined in attractive configurations, marked by a linear and modern design. 

At the core of the fresh foods area is SkyView Plus, the vertical positive unit from the SkyEffect range, available in two versions, Open and Closed, dedicated respectively to fruit and vegetables and pre-packaged, ready-sliced meat and cheese. Both models, in energy class C, guarantee perfect food preservation and maximum visibility, in favour of higher profitability.

This area, featuring local gastronomic specialties and the great classics of French tradition, is of considerable importance within the supermarket and houses Captur, a refrigerated panoramic island with glass sliding doors, and MultiFresh Plus, a vertical Integral from the MultiCity family. These units, ideal for impulse purchases and promotional sales, contribute to the creation of an authentic proximity store. 

Epta rounds off its fresh proposal with the traditional refrigerated serve-over display case Shape M, from the Mozaїk line, guaranteeing an excellent space/display area ratio and enhancing properties of high-margin meat cuts. 

Ultimately, in its new African store, the frozen food category, which is definitely arduous to preserve in such a hot and humid climate, is being promoted by Franprix, in line with market trends in France and Europe. 
Epta's natural refrigeration, interpreted by the Bonnet Névé brand, has in any case made it possible to design an important frozen food area, equipped with SkyLight negative vertical Integral units, belonging to the SkyEffect family, dedicated to these quality and long-lasting products.

"We highly appreciated the professionalism of the Epta team in managing the entire project. The result is a supermarket equipped with the most innovative solutions of the sector" says Prakash Nankani, Managing Director of Burotec Group, who continues and concludes, "The choice to turn to Epta, is consistent with our strategy to develop projects oriented towards a more sustainable future”.
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