Frost-trol and BiofreshTech lay the groundwork for the emergence of a new disruptive technology in the marketplace

Date: 12 April 2021
Frost-trol and BiofreshTech lay the groundwork for the emergence of a new disruptive technology in the marketplace

Frost-trol and the technology company BiofreshTech have signed the first agreements, which will lead to the implementation of BiofreshTech's patented technology for thermal storage, applied to refrigerated cabinets for the food distribution sector and the HORECA channel.

To this end, the R&D teams of the two companies are already defining the phases of the the execution phases of this technological implementation, which will be used to study the way in which the how to improve the performance of the cabinet by optimizing all the heat transfer mechanisms that coexist during the operation of a cabinet, the analysis of the thermodynamic cycle described by the refrigerant and the thermal accumulation technology developed by Biofresh.

These cabinets will be evaluated by the area of machines and thermal engines, directed by Professor Ramón Cabello, which is part of the Department of Engineering. Mechanical and Construction of the Jaume I University of Castellón.

Biofresh patents Tech

BiofreshTech's of BiofreshTech patents allow the climate control of an environment (refrigerator, cold room, vehicle or building) in an autonomous way, so that desired temperature without electrical connection for more than 5 days.

In 2018, BiofreshTech completed a development period which allowed it to the registration of two international patents to which 5 new patents have been added in 2021..

The CEO and co-founder of the company, Rafael Matamoros says that the technology designed by by BiofreshTech changes the paradigm of thermal maintenance and facilitates temperature ranges and autonomy and autonomy without electrical connection between -20 and 55 degrees. and emphasizes that the patented technology "offers triple value: economic savings, environmental efficiency and the permanent guarantee of maintaining the cold chain".”.

Applications of thermal storage in refrigerated cabinets

The thermal storage systems developed by BiofreshTech open up a wide range of possibilities for commercial and HORECA refrigerated cabinets.

Based on the premise that they can operate in energy autonomy during the day, and recharge energetically at night, among other possibilities, it means substantial improvements and benefits in the following operational aspects:

  • Achieving greater thermal stability thermal stability,
  • Reduction of energy consumption during the day (by charging the system at night, with much lower electricity rates).
  • Reduce the noise level of the cabinet.
  • Reduce to zero the heat of the cooling equipment (autonomous cabinets)during the opening time of the establishment.
  • Stabilize the demand for electricity supply of the establishments, using electric energy only at night.

Rafael Matamoros, CEO of BiofreshTech states regarding the agreement with Frost-trol: We are delighted with the agreement with Frost-trol and especially with Roberto Solsona and his R&D team, since, in addition to being a national reference in the manufacture of this type of products, they are suppliers of large retailers international food retailers, who work with the highest standards of quality and energy efficiency in the preservation of food products, and this helps to place our technology in its best technical context.

For his part, Roberto Solsona, General Manager of Frost-trol, says about the agreement: “With this new technological challenge, we intend to promote interdisciplinarity in the retail sector connecting the areas of knowledge of the refrigeration engineering that we carry outmos for more than 60 years with the ingeniería chemical engineering developed Biofresh, so that it will allow us to reinforce our commitment to the environment and improving do our commitment to the environment and improving product storage conditions”.

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