Kaltra offers packaged hydronic modules for its air-cooled chillers

Date: 20 September 2021
Kaltra offers packaged hydronic modules for its air-cooled chillers

Hydroworx hydronic modules can be added to new-built chillers or easily integrated into existing installations. In either case, the Hydroworx cabinet couples directly with the chiller, forming a single skid.

The system can be equipped with the following components as per customer specification:

  • Single, twin or multiple circulation pumps with fixed-speed or frequency-controlled motors, bundled with necessary valves. The pump head is selected as per cooling plant needs.
  • Expansion tank with integrated valves and ancillaries.
  • Buffer tank, up to 2500 liters.
  • Safety devices, water filters.
  • Deaeration unit.
  • Control (balancing) and service valves.
  • Freeze protection.
  • Powder-coated steel enclosure with antivibration feets and optional soundproofing.
  • IP55-rated switchboard with magnetothermic protection for pumps.
  • Controls, measurement and monitoring instruments.

One of the major advantages of Hydroworx is that systems are highly customizable to fit cooling plant requirements and factory-tested, thus eliminating the need for designing complex water circulation systems by customers or contractors and considerably saves installation and setup time and costs. Hydroworx is also a solution for chillers that cannot be fitted with integrated hydronic kits, e.g., due to lack of space for installing pumps, water tanks, and necessary pipework.

Although the Hydroworx piping layout is best suitable for coupling with Kaltra air-cooled chillers, it can be fitted to any third-party chiller – in new or retrofit installations.

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