Microchannel condenser coil replacement project

Date: 02 September 2020
Microchannel condenser coil replacement project
This month, Kaltra announced the completion of a service project for the replacement of condenser coils for the chilled water production plant of a Tier-III data center in Munich, Germany. More than 120 original heat exchangers reaching the end of service life have been replaced with Kaltra coils providing a long lifespan and additional corrosion protection.

The project consisted of the replacement of microchannel condenser coils for 10 air-cooled chillers sized for a total of 6500kW of cooling and respectively serving IT and power supply/distribution equipment, without service interruption.

The project started with a preparatory phase lasting around three months during which the chilled water plant has been prepared for retrofitting with installing isolating ancillaries and configured for temporary operation. In parallel, Kaltra developed an action plan for ensured plant operation during the replacement, manufactured and supplied microchannel condenser coils required for installation.

Microchannel coils offered for retrofitting were made from strong long-life aluminum alloys, including HA9153A alloy, guaranteeing a long life span in high-polluted, aggressive atmospheres. Additional protection against environmental influences is provided by epoxy electrophoretic coating (e-coating).

Full compatibility of the Kaltra’s microchannel coils with the originals ensured smooth and problem-free installation, which took as short as two weeks, including charging the chillers with the refrigerant, test procedures, performance analysis, and switching the chilled water plant back to regular operation.

As a result of Kaltra’s work on this project, the performance of a 6.5MW chilled water plant has been restored to initial performance levels, and refrigerant leakages have been completely eliminated.

Kaltra granted a 5-year warranty for heat exchangers and on-site labor.
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