Sanhua at MCE Digital 2021

Date: 29 March 2021
Sanhua at MCE Digital 2021
Sanhua at MCE Digital 2021
Sanhua at MCE Digital 2021

SANHUA presents new “Green Tech Solutions” for natural refrigerants and A2L products ready for R455A/R454C

Sanhua presents “Sanhua Green Tech Solutions” products designed strictly for all future sustainable solutions based on HFO/HFC and natural refrigerants in Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration with refrigerants like R32, R290, R744, A2L

Sanhua is ready to become the best partner for all the A/C and Refrigeration manufactures who are going to operate with low GWP refrigerants. The refrigerant revolution initiated by the introduction in Europe of the F-GAS Regulation (517/2014) is leading this year a drastic reduction of 55% of the total HFC allowed consumption. The introduction of the low GWP refrigerants and blends as well as the massive use of natural refrigerants is irreversible for all the HVAC & Ref applications. Following this clear trend, Sanhua can now offer a real complete and attractive catalogue of line components suitable for usage also in systems with low GWP synthetic and natural refrigerants: beside the standard product line, Sanhua introduced the new Green Tech Catalogue with complete specific product ranges for flammable refrigerants (R290 and A2L), for R32 and for R744.

During MCE Digital Sanhua offers three webinars covering the following topics:

  • SANHUA presents new “Green Tech Solutions” for natural refrigerants and A2L products ready for R455A/R454C

  • SANHUA Electronic Expansion Solutions for HVACR

  • MCHE Development for Chiller Heat Pump and Application Opportunities with Low GWP Refrigerants - for sustainable and efficient HVAC-R

During MCE 2021 Sanhua is going to present the enhanced Pressure Trasmitter (YCQx) range with many new models suitable for all the main applications and refrigerants including A2L and Carbon Dioxide. A special focus to the innovative Pressure Transducer designed for a reliable and safe installation in Sub-Critical and Trans-Critical R744 systems. The new range of pressure sensor includes models with a design pressure (PS) of 90bar (suitable for all the sub-critical positions) and models with a PS of 150bar for trans-critical installations. From the new catalogue, can be selected ratiometric models with output signal in volts or models with a current signal 4-20mA; almost all the YCQx models guarantee a full compatibility with the Sanhua EEV Driver SEC61x and the possibility to complete the full Sanhua solution for the management of the DPF/LPF uni-polar stepper valves.

For R744/CO2, Sanhua offers a range of components for sub-critical applications and trans-critical applications. Sanhua R290 Product Line contains all the products designed and developed for usage with flammable refrigerants like R290 (propane), R1270 (propylene), R600a (isobutane) but also with the new generation of refrigerants classified as A2L (lightly flammable refrigerant) according to ASHRAE STANDARD 34-2016 and EN 378-1:2016 Annex E.

Newest and affordable SANHUA Electronic Expansion Valve Controller Kit - SEK follows market demand to replace thermostatic expansion valves in HFC and HFO refrigeration applications with advanced technology solutions for refrigeration industries.

Benefits of the new SEK include a wide range refrigerants including R290, CO2 and new A2L options like R455A/R454C/R1234ze – with all required products provided in a single box that delivers the ultimate convenience for installers and technicians. The new SEK comprises SEC controller, LPF electronic expansion valve, pressure transducer (with Packard cable) and temperature sensor, allowing quick and simple system set-up.

Low GWP refrigerants are the focus in the HVAC&R industry due to the urgent demand on the CO2 emission reduction. Micro-channel heat exchangers - MCHE are desired solution to the low GWP refrigerants for its less charge advantage.

Sanhua has a wide range of Micro-channel heat exchangers - MCHE as condensers and evaporators for different HVAC-R applications like MCHE for R744, MCHE condensers for condensing units & for plug-in systems and many others.

SANHUA is also global leader in production of wide range of valves, sensors, and other refrigeration line components that are setting global standards in HVAC&R industry. We provide components and solutions to HVAC-R industry to support the protection of the environment by reducing carbon footprint, energy consumption and increasing system efficiency.

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