SCM Frigo’s CO2 Refrigeration Training

Date: 21 June 2024
SCM Frigo’s CO2 Refrigeration Training
SCM Frigo’s CO2 Refrigeration Training
SCM Frigo’s CO2 Refrigeration Training
Beijer Ref Academy offers CO2 refrigeration training programs that challenge technicians and installers to become specialists in this innovative field. Here's an overview of the skills professionals can develop through these programs.

Advanced Technical Knowledge

CO2 refrigeration systems are complex, requiring detailed understanding of their components and operations. SCM Frigo’s training covers:

• Thermodynamic Properties and Efficiency: Learn why CO2 is preferred for its thermodynamic properties and low global warming potential, and how to handle it safely due to its high pressure.
• CO2 Behavior at Various Temperatures and Pressures: Understand how CO2 behaves to anticipate and mitigate potential risks.
• Transcritical Cycle: Explore the stages and thermodynamic principles of the CO2 transcritical cycle, focusing on optimizing efficiency and performance.
• Latest Innovations: Discover the latest technologies in CO2 refrigeration, including parallel compression and ejector technology.
• Challenges in Warmer Climates: Address unique challenges of CO2 systems in warmer climates through advanced methods and techniques.

Practical and Useful Skills

Theory alone isn't enough; practical application is crucial. SCM Frigo’s training includes:

• Hands-on Experience: Operate real CO2 refrigeration units, apply troubleshooting guides, and understand the role of each component.
• Electrical Components: Learn about PID controllers, inverters, electrical cabinets, and safety devices, with hands-on training to build confidence and competence.
• Valves and Compressors: Detailed exploration of HPV (High-Pressure Valves) and MPV (Medium Pressure Valves) functions and operations, including practical exercises.
• Oil Handling: Understand the interaction between CO2 and oil, best practices for oil selection, handling, and maintenance, and procedures for charging CO2 and managing oil levels.

Certification and Professional Recognition

SCM Frigo’s certification is widely recognized, offering:

• Validation of Skills: Certification ensures mastery of both theoretical and practical aspects of CO2 refrigeration systems.
• Networking Opportunities: Join a network of industry experts and peers for continuous learning and staying informed about industry trends and best practices.

Investing in CO2 refrigeration systems training is essential. SCM Frigo’s programs offer a blend of theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and professional recognition. More about program for 2024.

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