Secop's SCE Fusite Cover Cord Relief Disconnect Improvement

Date: 18 January 2023
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Until now, Secop, has supplied the 117U1028 cover for the SCE21 compressors with a slim cord relief (see Figure 1).
To ensure improved strength and robustness for customers, Secop has now improved this connection point as illustrated in Figure 2 and Figure 3.
Secop modified the radii of the film hinge to minimize the risk of breaking (see Figure 3).
This change has been tested and accepted by a verification test at the manufacturer and at Secop.
Approval adjustments from the customer are no required.
The improved cover will have the same form, fit, and function and is 100% backwards compatible.

Timing and Availability

Existing covers from stock can still be used as before. The improved cover will be available from February 6, 2023.

Code Numbers

The improvement is related to the cover of the following compressors along with their code and type:

Compressor              Compressor
code                          type
104H8163                 SCE21CNLX
104H8170                 SCE21CNLX
104H8171                 SCE21CNLX
104M0811                 MS21UDULTM
604H8179                 SCE21CNLX
604H8139                 SCE21MNX

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