T2/TE2 expansion valves complete qualification for R454C, R455A and R1234yf

Date: 10 July 2020
T2/TE2 expansion valves complete qualification for R454C, R455A and R1234yf

Two of the HVACR industry’s most trusted components, the Danfoss T2 and TE2 thermostatic expansion valves, have completed the rigorous qualification process for three A2L-ultra-low GWP refrigerants: R454C, R455A and R1234yf.

The company continues to help installers manage ongoing refrigerant change. The valves are just two of an extended well-known refrigeration portfolio of Danfoss products to be qualified for the A2L-classified refrigerants, in response to demand from customers who want to use ultra-low GWP alternatives to R404A and R134a.

Danfoss has created new, dedicated versions of the popular design, an industry staple since the T2’s launch in 1966. As with all mechanical valves, each model is optimized for the characteristics of the refrigerant in question.

The process is particularly thorough because, like most ultra-low GWP alternatives, R454C, R455A and R1234yf are mildly flammable—carrying the ASHRAE classification A2L—and therefore subject to additional safety requirements. Every component undergoes carefully planned testing, and is modified as necessary to make it safe and easy for installers to meet key regulations such as the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED).

Precautions include:

  • Thorough compatibility testing for internal polymers and raw materials in contact with refrigerant and oil
  • Bulb charge optimization to match for the different pressures and temperatures of the refrigerants.

“For several years, HVACR professionals have been on quite a journey with new refrigerants, and the T2/TE2 expansion valves have been adapting to market needs,” says Danfoss Product Director for Expansion Ejner Kobbero.

“Now, with A2L-ultra-low GWP refrigerants growing in popularity, it feels like that time of transition may finally be coming to an end in some regions and countries.”

“Whatever the future holds, Danfoss will continue to use our expertise to support our customers with the widest possible range of components, that are safe and fully qualified for all the viable refrigerant options.”

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