We celebrate 15th anniversary!

Date: 19 February 2020
We celebrate 15th anniversary!
We celebrate 15th anniversary!
We celebrate 15th anniversary!
We celebrate 15th anniversary!

Our company, Business Marketing, was founded on 16th February 2005, in Moscow. We had published first issue printed directory “Holodilnaya Industriya” (Refrigeration industry) in same year.

It is general directory and news source by Refrigeration market in Russia. Our website is media partner of Russian Google news.

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We had launched this website Refrigeration industry (refindustry.com) in 2016. The website is about refrigeration industry worldwide.

Currently we have reached:

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Our followers on: Facebook 13,300+Instagram 10,700+LinkedIn 6,700+Twitter 900+,
Join to our groups on: Facebook 45,000+ members, LinkedIn group 1,800+ members.


We plan to hold two refrigeration conferences in this year:

  • At the exhibition SEAFOOD EXPO RUSSIA 2020 in Saint Petersburg, September 2020. Refrigeration equipment for fish industry and fish retail

  • At the exhibition «Agroprodmash 2020» in Moscow, October 2020. Refrigeration equipment for food industry: meat, milk and etc.

Join us!

Feel free ask any questions: + 7 (495) 749-12-95, e-mail live chat (icon in left corner of screen)

Find out more on our website about: refrigeration

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