2nd generation of FGAC chillers with low GWP refrigerant R-454B

Date: 19 January 2021
2nd generation of FGAC chillers with low GWP refrigerant R-454B
Redesigned units provide higher Seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) values, lower noise levels, compact footprints, and competitive costs levels at the same time.

One year after the introduction of the alternative refrigerant OpteonTM XL41, also known as R-454B, into Chiller and Heat pump ranges with scroll compressors, FläktGroup present the redesigned and improved 2nd generation. The new FGAC-DG/EG Chillers achieve enhanced efficiencies with SEER values up to 5.1 (ηs 203 %), reduced noise levels in the super low noise (SL) version as well as in the standard version, combined with small footprints and attractive cost levels all at once.

The range has 35 different sizes, each in three versions with different noise and efficiency levels, covering a capacity range from 40 to 870 kW. Two to eight scroll compressors from the quality brand Bitzer are used. These are optimized for the use of the refrigerant R-454B. The global warming potential (GWP) is reduced to 466 compared to 2088 in case of the standard refrigerant R-410A. The reduction of 78 % makes the devices future-proof in terms of the F-gas directive. This prescribes a reduction of CO2 equivalent quota in the EU until 2030. Further components are AC or EC fans, electronic expansions valves (EEV), micro channel heat exchangers (MCHX) with a protective coating as an option, as well as plate or shell and tube heat exchangers as evaporator.

Standard pumps or inverter-controlled pumps with adaptive variable pump speed control (VPS), buffer tanks, several BMS interfaces and  brand new ISYteq Multi-Manager for controlling up to 8 units in a group are available as built-in options. Further installation accessories are also available.

The Chillers are designed to produce chilled water from -10 to +20 °C at outdoor temperatures from -20 to +50 °C. Some restrictions apply. All units fulfil the increased requirements of the ErP directive (EU) 2016/2281, which are effective from 2021, and they are certified by Eurovent.
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