A new generation of reciprocating compressors Bitzer New Ecoline

In April 2013 the company BITZER GmbH has launched an innovative new series reciprocating semi-hermetic compressors NEW ECOLINE, which completely replaces all previous. These compressors have raised the bar to a new level of efficiency, and strengthened its leading position in the production of BITZER most advanced compressor equipment. Implementation of the most modern design and technological resheniypozvolilo dramatically improve the quality of consumer kompressorovbez increase their value. Increase the coefficient of performance COP up to 10% and make the compressors NEW ECOLINE most effective and universal reciprocating compressors on the market managed through the use of: new valve plate with optimally selected number of orifices and the suction and discharge stronger compressor housings, designed for operating pressures of 32 bar HP new cylinder head covers with the best performance on sound insulation, but with lower hydraulic losses new terminal blocks and terminal boxes more efficient motors, pistons with special relief natortsevyh surfaces to reduce the magnitude of the "dead volume", and new thin steel piston ring coated to further reduce friction shutoff valves and internal cavities in the compressor housing with hydraulic losses suschestvennomenshimi bitzer ecoline Lineup generation compressors NEW ECOLINE, designed to work on all refrigerants: R134a, R404A, R507A, R407C, R22, etc., includes 64 products, grouped in 7 series from CE1 to CE8, iohvatyvaet range volumetric productivity from 4 to 221 m3 / h Application limits compressors NEW ECOLINE on R404A/R507A extended to 7K towards higher condensing temperatures and 5K toward higher evaporation temperatures for low temperature models with motor 2.This allows cheaper compressors in all kinds of medium refrigeration and provides refrigeration companies and end-users additional savings investments. Furthermore, in the series NEW ECOLINEprakticheski eliminated the need to use additional blower systems for R404A, since sektoroblasti where this option is still needed, shifted to tc => 38 ° C to =-45C, where there is better to use a two-stage compression. NEW ECOLINE compressors are fully interchangeable with the earlier manufacture compressors BITZER.Razmery and location of all the supporting body parts compressors kept unchanged. Joining pipes and location of shut-off valves in the vast majority of models of compressors NEWECOLINE identical to previously produced models of compressors. Compressors NEW ECOLINE perfectly adapted for frequency regulation производительности.Сериикомпрессоров BITZERs built-in inverter VARISPEED budutproizvoditsya continue on the basis of compressors NEW ECOLINE. For new compressors NEW ECOLINE CRII developed special control valves performance operating in a pulsed mode and provide depth adjustment 100% ... 10%. This method of regulation is preferable from the standpoint of energy efficiency (COP) and seasonal efficiency (ESEER and SEPR) compared with conventional CR-valves. It is time to write a new page in the history of the company's success BITZER even closer mutually beneficial cooperation with our reliable partners - Russia's leading OEM manufacturers and distributors of refrigeration equipment.
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