Aermek presented new platform of water-water heat pumps with screw compressor

Date: 01 November 2021
Aermek presented new platform of water-water heat pumps with screw compressor
Aermec, always abreast of the times and market needs, has come up with a new platform of water-water heat pumps (WFN and WFI ranges) with screw compressors to meet all the requisites laid down by TIER II with regards eco-compatible design specifications.

WFN, WFI, WFGN and WFGI are the latest range of water-water heat pumps designed to provide top efficiency levels but with limited overall dimensions. Made with carefully selected components and boasting a compact design, they can easily be installed even in indoor areas with little space, for both new and pre-existing systems.

The WFN and WFI heat pumps are available with R134a gas and, for the “G” version, with R513A refrigerant (WFGN and WFGI ranges) characterised by a low GWP and environmental impact: a 56% reduction in GWP compared with the one using R134a refrigerant, and entirely non-toxic and non-inflammable (Class A1 of ASHRAE 34, ISO 817). R513A fluid (XP10) gives a cooling capacity the same as that obtained with R134a refrigerant, and requires no additional technical modification of the components.

Designed to meet the energy efficiency requisites of TIER II, all the ranges provide up to 2MW of cooling and heating capacity in both the standard and high-efficiency versions. All the sizes are Eurovent certified. In addition, some fall within the tax relief categories (depending on their size and configuration).

WFN, WFI, WFGN and WFGI are fitted with on-off screw compressors and, depending on the range, also with inverters optimised for applications with low condensing temperatures. Both heat exchangers (source side and system side) are of the shell & tube type, with R134a refrigerant fluid used as standard. The electronic expansion valve is a standard on all the sizes and ensures excellent flow regulation and accurate temperature control, even with partial loads.

These models come with 2-3 independent cooling circuits designed to offer the maximum yield even with partial loads, guaranteeing the maximum redundancy and reliability especially in the event of malfunctioning or a stoppage on one of the circuits.

Available with two different sound-proofing casing configurations (Low Noise and Extra Low Noise), WFN, WFI, WFGN and WFGI are particularly quietly during operation: they guarantee a noise reduction of up to 10db(A).

Designed and built to meet the air conditioning needs of residential/commercial complexes, or the simple cooling of industrial complexes. They produce chilled water up to 16°C and can reach a processed water temperature of up to 65°C, depending on the range. WFN, WFI, WFGN and WFGI come in standard and high-efficiency versions, and there is also a condenserless model.

The innovative technology of the compressors and elegant, high-quality design of the heat exchangers ensure long-term operating reliability with reduced maintenance costs. The compact, self-supporting structure makes installation easier, whether in new or existing systems.

The WFN, WFI, WFGN and WFGI ranges are equipped with control software so unit and system operation can be completely supervised: the unit can be checked and adjusted via a menu (available in several languages), alarms and the alarm log can be fully managed, and two units can be controlled in parallel (Master - Slave).
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