Air cooled chillers i-FX-G04-Y with inverter screw compressors and HFO refrigerant

Date: 30 January 2019
Air cooled chillers i-FX-G04-Y with inverter screw compressors and HFO refrigerant
Air cooled chillers i-FX-G04-Y with inverter screw compressors and HFO refrigerant
Air cooled chillers i-FX-G04-Y with inverter screw compressors and HFO refrigerant
Air cooled chillers i-FX-G04-Y with inverter screw compressors and HFO refrigerant

The future-proof chiller for the highest efficiency

i-FX-G04-Y is the eco-friendly and high performing chiller that combines the advantages of full inverter technology with a low GWP HFO refrigerant R1234ze.

Dedicated to industrial facilities which require highly dependable operation, the new air-cooled chiller with full inverter screw compressors meets premium level efficiency values - EER up to 3,36 and SEPR HT up to 6,43 – in any operating mode offering the market a green product thanks to its full inverter technology and HFO refrigerant.

All-round sustainability

i-FX-G04-Y is the result of Mitsubishi Electric’s extensive approach to sustainability. Combining brilliant annual efficiency, thanks to the full inverter technology, with the use of a low GWP refrigerant, i-FX-G04-Y tackles both the indirect (due to the primary energy consumption) and the direct global warming impact, thus resulting in the perfect choice for any new, forward-looking cooling system.

Full inverter technology

Industrial facilities are usually characterized by high loads all year round. The new i-FX-G04-Y chillers apply variable speed technology to all its main components, achieving top-level performances in any load condition. Even in high load profile applications, the unit ensures significant efficiency improvement compared to traditional fixed speed compressor units. Thanks to the full inverter technology, the unit never exceeds the nominal current, not even when starting up. Thus, no additional equipment is needed, such as star/delta commuters or soft starters, in order to reduce the in-rush currents, which means significant advantages for both the unit and the plant which benefit from no electrical or mechanical stress. The unit working in partial loads is far more silent than a fixed speed compressor unit. In applications with units working at part loads, i-FX-G04-Y ensures extremely low noise operations, down to -5dB(A) compared to a similar capacity fixed speed unit. Therefore, these units are ideal for sound sensitive environments.

Extended operating range

i-FX-G04-Y is characterized by a wide operating range, being able to work at full loads with external air temperatures up to + 52°C, and up to + 55°C at partial loads, thanks to the specific design, dedicated accessories, and smart control logics.

Technological Choices

Climaveneta brand products have always been synonymous for best in class performance and high versatility. This is particularly true for i-FX-G04-Y, the innovative chiller where all the features have been designed for complete customer peace of mind. The inverter, Variable Vi dual rotor screw compressors, designed according to Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems specifications and for its exclusive use; new generation full aluminium micro-channel coils, positioned in a ‘V’ block structure to optimize airflow and heat transfer; dry expansion, single pass shell and tube evaporator, fully developed by Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems. The Built-in pump group, available as an option, and pre-plumbed hydraulic components, grant minimum on-site installation time, work, and costs. A gas detector device for each refrigerant circuit, included as standard, raises an alarm in case of any refrigerant leak detection. Available from 377 to 1463 kW, i-FX-G04-Y includes a full range of devices and functions that maximize the unit’s uptime in case of emergency circumstances.

W3000TE control and KIPlink innovative interface

The logic behind i-FX-G04-Y is the W3000TE control software. Characterized by advanced functions and algorithms, W3000TE features proprietary settings that ensure faster adaptive responses to different dynamics, in all operating modes. Direct control over the unit comes through the innovative

KIPlink interface. Based on Wi-Fi technology. KIPlink gets rid of the standard keyboard and allows one to operate on the unit directly from a mobile device (smartphone, tablet, notebook).

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