Blue Cube launches exclusive Ultra Range

Date: 10 March 2022
Blue Cube launches exclusive Ultra Range
Blue Cube launches exclusive Ultra Range
After an extensive period of real-world trials and testing, Blue Cube has launched exclusive Ultra Range. The Ultra Range includes both Smart Hybrids, which include portable blast freezers, tempering and cooling units, plus portable holding stores. These are suitable for warm rooms, chillers or freezers.

Ultra Range "Smart Hybrids
Why "Smart Hybrids?"  The company have developed a unique cooling system that combines the benefits of both end and cross flow. All brand new appropriate units they supply will be Smart Hybrids. 

At least a 33% increase in production performance
During the real-world trials, customer partners of Blue Cube ran their own tests. Our in-house Tech teams used the data from this to optimise the performance still further. Real world tests, which required adding various different food products, prove that on average, the Ultra range Smart Hybrid blast freezers reach their required temperature in at least 33% less time. For example, if an existing blast freezer took 12 hours to reach this temperature, our Smart Hybrids took just 8. 

Customer partners therefore not only benefit from an optimised capacity within their blast units, the production capacity of their operations is significantly improved. One Director of manufacturing from a key account comments:

“Even in the short time we have had these Ultra units, our operations teams are already reporting a real difference, including a significant reduction in production time.”

Exceptional energy efficiency
These tests have also highlighted significant improvements in the energy efficiency of in particular the Smart Hybrid tempering units. These units can be up to four times more efficient. This is because they use a heating system that has been exclusively developed for Blue Cube. Energy efficiency has arguably never been more pertinent than in the present day.

Advanced Telemetry system
Making all of our customer partners' working lives as easy as possible is a core focus for us all here at Blue Cube. Both ourselves and our UK manufacturing partner invested considerable time accordingly on an advanced telemetry system. This provides any operator, with real-time performance and operating data, all displayed in a user-friendly interface. 
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