Bora XL delivers high heat transfer performance while keeping power consumption at a minimum

Date: 21 March 2021
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With water and energy becoming very precious resources, dry coolers provide a water-saving alternative to open-circuit cooling towers. With its new dry cooler optimized to deliver long-term savings in water, energy, and maintenance time, Kaltra shows the massive potential offered by its technology.

Employing Kaltra’s microchannel heat exchanger technology, Bora XL delivers high heat transfer performance while keeping power consumption at a minimum. High heat transfer rate is an inherent advantage of microchannel heat exchangers due to their brazed joints performed with a metallurgical connection between elements. Low airside pressure resistance is attributable to the thinness of the coil core, thereby reducing fan power draw.

Heat rejection of the series ranged up to 1.5MW, rendering Bora XL dry coolers a perfect choice for small-to-medium HVAC applications. Bora XL was designed with a view of its use in free cooling applications (new installations or retrofits), e.g., when paired with air-cooled chillers.

The following optionals can be added to Bora XL for answering application requirements:

  • Fan speed control for EC-driven fans (available as a standard)
  • AC-driven fans and corresponding fan speed controllers
  • Adiabatic spray cooling
  • Integrated circulation pump(s)
  • Multi-circuiting
  • Corrosion-resistant coatings for heat exchangers
  • Dust protection for heat exchangers
  • Reduced-noise configurations
  • Robotized heat exchanger cleaning
  • BMS integration

In addition, with every unit of the Bora XL range, Kaltra offers timely and reliable support and a comprehensive portfolio of services, including remote monitoring, startup, and maintenance services.

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