Capital Cooling launches new contact-free refrigerator

Date: 30 June 2020
Capital Cooling launches new contact-free refrigerator
Capital Cooling launches new contact-free refrigerator, with Italian manufacturer ISA, in a bid to offer a new touch-free way to shop post COVID-19. 

Contact-free refrigerator with automatic doors is the first commercial refrigerator with ‘Smartflex’, the technology patented by ISA, to be sold to the UK market, and is now available via the Edinburgh refrigeration giant.

Fitted with sensors, the mobile wings rotate inwards when motion is detected, allowing a customer to reach inside without touching the external entryway. The revolutionary system also offers adaptive customisable openings, so users can choose their preferred means of access. 

The new refrigerator is ideal for a supermarket or a grab-and-go retail environment where the general public’s desire to limit physical interactions with potentially contaminated public surfaces is preferred. There is also a list of other benefits including energy savings of up to 40%, as fridge doors can’t be left open, wasting energy.

Unlike refrigerators with solid doors that require a clear width of space on either side, the Smartflex integrated refrigerator just requires the space it's placed on. 

Steve Steadman, CEO at Capital Cooling, said: “Consumers are increasingly prioritising methods of contact-free shopping, due to fears of catching the coronavirus and our latest product helps shoppers reduce their risk of catching the virus.” 

“As partners of ISA, we are thrilled to be an official UK stockist of the Smartflex product and we’d encourage anyone interested in ordering this product for their business, to get in touch with the Capital Cooling team.”
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