Carrier Introduces New Toshiba Carrier VRF Touchscreen Controller

Date: 23 September 2021
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Carrier recently launched a new Toshiba Carrier touchscreen controller in North America for variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems, capable of connecting up to 128 indoor units to one easy-to-use interface. This new touchscreen controller allows building managers to access their entire VRF system from one central location, eliminating the need to monitor units individually. 

The seven-inch color touchscreen provides an attractive menu with intuitive navigation that allows for advanced scheduling for indoor and outdoor units to maximize comfort and energy savings. Plus, the compact touchscreen control features an innovative user interface providing a seamless and simple experience.

In addition, the new Toshiba Carrier touchscreen controller features a USB port that allows building managers to export system data directly from the hub. With this feature, users can analyze alarm outputs and troubleshoot a myriad of issues easily and efficiently. Furthermore, the exported data can also be used to determine root causes and correlations of the system settings allowing for effortless system optimization.

“Our new touchscreen controller puts the power of organization and efficiency at the fingertips of our customers,” said Ritesh Shah, VRF Product Manager, Carrier. “Not only can building managers connect up to 128 units to one control, they can also easily monitor energy usage, as well as get real-time data on system performance and settings efficacy.”

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