Castel “Regolo-APP” to calculate the relationship between the pressure and temperature

Date: 02 November 2021
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The Castel “Regolo-APP” is quickly able to calculate the relationship between the pressure and temperature of the most common refrigerants in saturation conditions, and to directly relate two gases in order to facilitate the choice at the same pressure.
The app is also able to provide for each refrigerant the thermodynamic qualities, including the global warming potential (GWP) and the ozone depletion potential (ODP) and all the other characteristics which helps the refrigeration technician in the effective choice of gas. Paying always particular attention to the environment, thus enabling it to make “environmental friendly” choices.
All the calculations and the values present in the APP are carried out using models of adaptation from the characteristic curves of each gas in extended tables based on the results of Reference Fluid Thermodynamic and Transport Properties provided By NIST.
Thanks to this indispensable tool it is now possible to verify the behavior of a refrigerant in the field. By quickly converting the saturation values it is possible to verify if the pressure present in a circuit is really the one designed during the project.
Inside the database there is also all the zeotropic blends. This application is able to indicate both the dew point and the bubble point and is able to make this distinction both in the “comparison screen” and in the “single gas screen”, this important feature is necessary to be able to calculate the glide value of this type of refrigerant.
In order to be used all over the world, the app is adapting itself in every country by changing automatically the language depending on the country where it will be installed, and leaving to the user to choose which units of measurement the app must adopt from the most common.

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