Clivet presented new condenserless series of liquid chillers for indoor installation

Date: 24 December 2019
Clivet presented new condenserless series of liquid chillers for indoor installation

Clivet presented SPINChiller3 MSE-XSC3 is the new condenserless series of liquid chillers for indoor installation, with scroll compressors and R-410A refrigerant, cooling version only.

Main features:

  • Ideal solution for harsh climate application because the indoor part is connected with refrigerant pipes to the remote condenser, al water components are installed inside the building;
  • Easy to use: the internal section includes all the main hydraulic components
  • Long life: all sensitive components are protected against the atmospheric agents
  • Versatility of use: it adapts to installations where space and noise are a challenge
  • Easy transport and positioning in the installation replacements
  • All the benefits of Multiscroll technology for high efficiency

MSE-XSC3 series is available from 265 kW up to 445 kW.

Further strengths

Longer extension of refrigerant pipes
It is possible to achieve a maximum equivalent length up to 50 meters with a maximum difference in height of +/-20m. This distance makes it possible to adapt to the most demanding architectural constraints.

Leading the way.
The technical solutions adopted place MSE-XSC3 at the top of the category: the two refrigeration circuits with multiscroll technology and thermostatic electronic expansion valve guarantee efficient and reliable operation of the unit at any application conditions. Wide choice of accessories available including: Hydropack with inverter driven pump, partial energy recovery for the production of hot water.

Wide operating range.
Wide operation range with a condensation temperature from + 10°C up to + 60°C. Chilled water production up to -8°C with Brine option.

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