Clivet presented new series CSNX-XHE2 rooftop

Date: 07 August 2020
Clivet presented new series CSNX-XHE2 rooftop
New series CSNX-XHE2 rooftop for high attendance halls is increased with two new sizes: 12.3-15.3 replacing current ones 12.2-15.2.

The new units have a double refrigerant circuit, the first one with single Scroll compressore and second one with two Scroll tandem compressors, assuring higher degrees of load partialization than previous models. Units have double fan supply and exhaused section with EC plug-fans with brushless motor with continuous modulation with air flow control, two type of expelled air energy recovery: simple thermodynamic, THOR with dedicated exchanger.

The whole serie is designed where there is a request of high air renovation such as: multiplex cinema, theaters, convention rooms, dance hall and disco.

New accessories, added to the well-know accessories and personalizations of the unit:
  • PVMEV 4-20mA signal for exhaust and supply airflow modulation
  • PTAAX Remote ambient air temperature sensor
  • PTUAX Remote ambient air temperature and humidity probe

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