Clivet presented SPINchiller3 Multifunction

Date: 25 February 2019
Clivet presented SPINchiller3 Multifunction

SPINchiller3 Multifunction, with nominal thermal capacity from 800 to 1456 kW and cooling capacity from 694 to 1300 kW, is the solution for centralized and simultaneous production of hot and chilled water with high seasonal and global efficiency, available in two different configurations:

  •  SPINchiller3 WSAN-XSC3 MF 2T: for 2-pipe systems with total condensing heat recovery;
  •  SPINchiller3 WSAN-XSC3 MF 4T: for 4-pipe systems.


  • High efficiency EXCELLENCE version;
  • COP up to 3,7 in heating mode;
  • Global efficiency in simultaneous use up to 7,83;
  • Hot water production up to 55°C;
  • Wide operating range. Operating range in cooling extended up to +48°C outdoor temperature at partial load and down to -10°C in heating mode thanks to the optional device for low outdoor temperatures;
  • Part loads. Partial load performances are available in the Technical Bulletin. User friendly, they simplify the calculation of energy savings in year-round operation;
  • Perfect for LEED. All Excellence models in SC acoustic versions, satisfy prerequisites 2 and 3 of Energy and Environment thematic area. In order to facilitate the evaluation in this area, the technical bulletin contains AHRI performances.

Key standard features

  •   Four refrigerant circuits;
  •   Scroll compressors series connected on each single circuit;
  •   Condensing temperature control with modulation fan speed;
  •   Electronic expansion valve;
  •   High efficiency plate heat exchangers;
  •   Total heat recovery device.

Main options

  •   On-board pumping devices, even inverter driven;
  •   Variable flowrate control at part load.

Monitoring and remote interaction
Clivet Eye is the solution that makes it possible to monitor the unit operation and to diagnose any anomalies as soon as they arise.
The unit is supplied as standard with a dedicated communication device, already installed on board, which records all data concerning unit operation, anomalies and alarms.
If a Customer makes a claim, Clivet can display all the data related to each unit for any check or operation analysis and also intervene directly on the machine.

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